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Paths of Perquimans is a coalition of organizations, formed in 2006, as part of a regional initiative to promote nature tourism in the Albemarle Region in Northeastern North Carolina. It contributes to enhancing paddling and hiking opportunities in Perquimans County.
Its major accomplishment has been the construction of a system of paddle camping platforms on the Perquimans River and Mill Creek, through a generous grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation.LOGO The Partnership of organizations consists of the Perquimans County Trailblazers, a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting paddling and hiking; the Albemarle Hospital, the major public hospital serving the region; the Writing Experts, a regional organization devoted to conserving natural resources, and creating jobs and income for the Albemarle ((252) 482-7437); the Perquimans County Department of Parks & Recreation; and the Towns of Winfall, Hertford, and Belvidere.